Journeys 2011: Review

The greatest parts of my life this far  have rarely involved things , but memories Made. I have done lots of things with my sons over the yrs, but I began in 2011 to be intentional in making memories with them. I stuck mostly to things  within 100 miles, though a few exceptions.  Here is a review of some of those:

Redbud Festival, Barbourville, KY: Free. We saw beautiful quilts, local crafts, saw a Lincoln impersonater. Plus the campus of UC is beautiful.  A definite repeat for this yr.

Mill Street Park, London, Ky. Free. This park has a large water feature & playground that has traditional. &  modern playground equipment.  Well kept up & a favorite of The Handsome Duo (my sons). 100% repeat for this year!

Red, White &  Boom, London, KY: Free. For a small town fireworks display, fairly good. I advise to pack a picnic, come early & enjoy.

Cumberland Falls State Park, Corbin, KY: Free. Trails, The Falls & a sandbar beach make this an easy day trip.

Thompson Park, Barbourville, KY: Free. Features a playground, a walking  exercise stations & track.

Stearns, KY: $50. We rode a train, toured the Blue Heron Mining Camp, toured the museum &ate lunch. The Park Ranger did a live turtle demonstration.

Pine Mtn- Honeymoon Falls & Chain Rock, Pineville, KY: Free. These trails were intense, but filled with beautiful little sights. Both were highlights of our journeys last yr.

Wings Over Big South Fork, Oneida, TN. Outside the 100 miles, but The Duo’s favorite trip last year. Lots of modern & older planes plus an antique car show. Advice: Though entrance is free, food is expensive
Pack food, blankets, lawn chairs &a camera. Will defiantly try going back again!

Kids Fest, Pineville, KY:
Free. With free inflatables, games &free soft drinks, for the price, it can’t be beat  for a quick trip.

Mason Farms Pumpkin Patch/ Iron Furnace/ Frostee Freeze: Varies. Mason Farms: We were able to pick a pumpkin & look at crafts. Bring your wallet. Iron Furnace : Free. Beautiful waterfalls, trails &history. Frostee Freeze: Good tasting good  value food at a vintage drive in. Try everything.

That’s a look at 2011. As adventures begin in 2012, look for posts that will include pictures, comments from myself & from the Duo as well.


Inspecting My Raft (Part 2)

I have begun to think that the bigger problem just isn’t what I eat but when/ how oft I eat. 

Yesterday caused me to have to check things over once again.

I ate a mediocre breakfast – not too unhealthy but not necessarily the healthiest thing I’ve eaten this week either. Lunch rolled around & I had remembered to pack a healthy lunch (low fat ham, wheat bread sandwich). It was good but by 6 P.M., it had burned off & I was way way too hungry. 

So, yes, that meant I let that hunger manipulate me & I chose an unhealthy dinner. All my good efforts yesterday gone in one moment because I simply did not factor in everything.

I find myself again this morning thanking GOD for teaching me a lesson, asking for forgiveness for obeying my body rather than GOD, & starting anew again today. GOD is so wonderful – we can never overexceed HIS mercy. Off to eat a healthy breakfast, pack a healthy lunch – & toss a healthy fruit snack for the day ahead. One choice at a time. That’s how this journey will happen.

Inspecting My Raft (Part I)

I wrote yesterday about beginning this journey, & how it required faith.
It wasn’t all that easy either.

I struggle a lot with keeping myself fueled enough for my day. My day starts at a brilliantly bright & bushy tailed 5:30 A.M. I crash down to my bed around 10:30-11 P.M. at night.
I find that a lot of the time, I am out of fuel.
Guess I should be inspecting my raft more closely.
When you set out on any journey, you need to be prepared. I guess that concept is one I understand easily – my dad was an Eagle scout. Though I understand it, I don’t execute it very well.
IE, Yesterday.
I had a small healthy breakfast packed to eat, but wanted to depend on a high carb lunch. Although the calories for the lunch weren’t particularly high, the high carb levels jumped my sugar levels up very high which inevitably lead to an energy crash later in the day. My ill preparation led to my raft crashing.
I can’t undo it. What it done is done. I know that all I can do is start today by thanking God for what I’ve learned & try to make better decisions today.

Walkin on The Water

Today is Day one.

My life is about to get uncomfortable. And that makes me very happy.

In high school, I began having early signs of emotional eating. I wanted so hard to please a boy that I liked, that I wouldn’t eat. Sometimes for 2-3 days on end. I went to the other extreme after I survived the miscarriage of my daughter in 2009 – I began to eat & eat to fill the empty holes. I sit here today – nearly 45 pounds overweight for a gal that is just barely 5 foot tall.

Weight isn’t all that weighs me down. I admit to not being a good steward of the money that God has left me in charge of & of not guarding my emotions from those who want to jerk me around.

I’m done with it all.

I lay it down. I can’t keep on carrying these things that I was never intended to carry in the first place.

I’m not going to set unrealistic weight loss goals or unobtainable money goals. It is simply going to be one healthy choice after another. For my health. For my finances. For My mind. But mostly, for the Glory of GOD. ‘For JESUS & HIS Glory’

I’m steppin out of the boat with faith that I can walk on the Water.