When the Flock fails the Shepherd

[Note: October is Pastor Appreciation Month. This is a blog post published on my previous blog in 2008]

How to Make your Pastor Feel Unappreciated:

(1) If you want your pastor to feel unappreciated, be sure to be a irregular attender. Why would you want to come and be taught about GOD from a man ordained by GOD to lead your church?

(2) To make your pastor feel unappreciated, be sure to complain about everything that your pastor does and does not do. Be sure to complain to everyone you know, and complain in very public places. Complaining will be sure to ruin his influence and his reputation.

(3) To make your pastor’s job harder, be sure to take every little problem to him. Don’t try to figure out stuff for yourself, or go to one of your church’s elders/deacons. Your pastor has the time and the energy to spend on your every tiny concern.

(4) To make your pastor’s job difficult, be sure to also complain about his wife, children, and any other family members. Your pastor should be able to control every little thing that their family does or does not do.

(5) Make Your Pastor miserable by expecting Perfection from him. He’s a pastor, which means he should be super holy and perfect. Any flaw is obvious evidence that he isn’t a good pastor.

(6) Don’t support your pastor. Don’t pay him enough. Don’t offer to help him with church related and unrelated things. Don’t pray for him and his family. Don’t befriend him. Don’t have a pastor appreciation service. Most importantly, don’t ever say thank you to him. That way your pastor will always stay humble.

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