Navy Day: My Grandpa

In 1922, the observation of Navy Day began. Not to be confused with the anniversary of the Navy (which is October 13), Navy Day is a day of recognition for the United States Navy.

Rich in Navy History: My Family

My family tree is blessed with many a veteran in it, among several who served in the United States Navy.

  • Andrew, who served aboard the USS Mississippi, USS Carlisle and ISS Hopewell during WWII
  • William (Bill), who served 9 years
  • Lester, who served for 4 years
  • Lois, who served as a Naval Secretary

Keep in mind. All FOUR of these individuals are siblings to the next person

My Grandpa, Navy Man and Hardworker


My Grandfather enlisted into the  United States Navy around the age of 18. After serving in aboard three different Naval ships, he would work in the tiring demanding field of steel work for 38 years without taking one sick day.

I can with a big smile say that I still have my Grandpa. I have never met anyone else with his dedication to a job done well and correctly. He still tends a small garden, and walks about 3 to 5 miles a day- at age 85.

I would love to hear about some of the Navy Veterans in your family. 


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