Furbaby Friday: A Different Sort of Furbaby

Confession. I love stuffed animals.

Shew. Now that I have that embarrassing factoid out in the open, we can proceed with this week’s furbaby Friday. ( I will be sharing two more editions that will feature stuffed animal friends in the near future).


Ted, first of all, is an awareness Bear. He is to help raise awareness about Charot-Marie Tooth disease.

He is sent to stay for an entire week (or longer) to live with a person who suffers with this condition (to learn more about the disorder, please visit: HERE)

I am blessed to be a close friend (and former student of) a local individual who got to “host” TED.

2013-06-24 ted

(Above, Ted taking a Nap. June 2013).

I was honored with the task of getting to take Ted to several local places, including 2 state parks. He also was able through others to get to see quite a bit before traveling on to The United Kingdom.