NWC: Days 24-27

Apparently, sharing the prompts from the social media page for my local writers group has been a total Fail. There have been no new prompts for days 24-27. With essentially only 2 days remaining..im frustrated that it hasn’t panned out

My idea instead is that with each month, I will begin to share a new theme..with 4 theme related prompts under it to provide writers A weekly challenge to create a new piece. This solves two problems: 1) I don’t have to rely on the prompts from a group. These will be ideas based on things in my world, suggestions from other local writers, and random ideas I may stumble upon online. (2) It gives me a tad more flexibility. I work a job that  3 times a yr is incredibly demanding. I rarely get to sit and be creative in my writing daily. To be honestly brash, sometimes I’m too mentally exhausted to cook more than a heated up can of soup. A monthly theme with 4 challenges under it keeps me writing and creating new..but also gives me grace for these all too busy days. 

If (if) the group shares any prompts for Nov 29 & 30th, I will publish them here. 

Either way, return back Dec 1 for the December writing theme and 4 prompts. 

Thank you as always for your support.