To Dream: Dr. King wouldn’t be Happy

Race. 50 years..5 decades have dwindled away since a gunshot would take Dr. Martin L. King Jr from this life. And yet Race remains as hot of a word today as then.

It probably will sound odd..and maybe even cold when I say this… Im not sure I understood Race until I was in my 20s.

My dad was helping a local African-American church when I was born, so my baby dedication actually happened in that church. 

We moved into southern GA when I was only 8. I attended a school that was less than 15% Caucasian. 

The moment I realized the struggle of race was in 1999, standing in front of a MLK statue in Alabama. I watched as other caucasions would cross the street to avoid it. I stood there, crying, as I read Dr. King’s statue as a African-American man said to me, “why are you crying? Your kind killed him”.

I wept. I still remember that day. 

Dr. King would shake his head, surely,  in distain, to see his America still struggling to find peace.

50 yrs later, we are still divided. Weekly, social media feeds are filled with more incidents of shootings, of hate talk.

Dr. King, there are some things we have gotten right since that sad April day 50 yrs ago you left us. And there is still a long way to go. May there be peace. May there be more equality. May there be minds more open, and hearts with hands extended to help our fellow man..our fellow woman..our fellow American..our fellow human being. That, dear friend,  will be the true dream.