How it Started, & Where it is Going

7 years ago, I began to blog here. At first, it was a scattering of memories and a few reviews. It wasn’t ever created with a clear enough purpose.

I’ve rolled that thought around a lot lately. I’ve wondered at times if I should delete those original posts, or even stop the blog altogether.

I’ve fought with comparing myself too much to other bloggers. And I have been facing a lot of life adjustments these last few months.

And I’ve come to a conclusion: I will continue to write, and probably more so. Those original posts will remain, too, since they are a part of my journey.

I will continue to write about faith in Christ Jesus, about doubts and fears, about mistakes I have made and new mistakes I am certain to make along the way. I will write about these things, and just continue to do what I do best: be simply me.