A Heart full of Words

Some are gifted with Musical or Vocal Talent. Some are brilliant visual artists or architects.

Me? I got Words.

Too Many, sometimes.

I began writing poetry at the age of 9. Short-stories followed at the age of 12; my first play at the age of 14. Kept in a black three-ring binder in my home office, less than 15% of them have ever been seen by eyes other than my own.

In 2002, I would lay down my pen. My heart was filled with too much anger and grief and pain. I found myself keeping myself away from the source of so many years of comfort. 

Words became hard to write. Occasionally, a poem or two would drip out but otherwise I was empty.

2009. I would go through two of the greatest losses in my life, one of those being the loss of my daughter. My heart longed to write, but I didn’t think the words were still there. I figured I had neglected them for far too long.

Then in 2010, it happened. I was invited to join a writing group and found myself writing. And writing, indeed. The result was my first chapter of “Jacob”, a book now in its final revision.

My blog isn’t going to teach you anything profound. My blog isn’t going to be the most beautifully written or visually exciting. It is going to be a spilling out of a Heart Full of Words. Splashes of my pains and triumphs. Thank You for reading them.

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