Break The Bottle: Christening a New Beginning

Haphazardly, I have been “Blogging”. I began with all intents to blog at least three times (or more) weekly. Lack of organization and commitment has instead lead this to be a casual endeavor with no clear course.

Let’s Break the Bottle. The circumstances in my life have bubbled to an interesting Appex. My heart is craving true, sincere change and there are some chapters in my life that I am at last prepared to close. 

     My Plan for the next Six months for my blog: 

  •      Posts 3 times a week. Tuesdays will become MyTown Tuesdays, allowing me a venue to share my photography and love for my local area. Wednesdays will become Workspace Wednesdays, where I will share what projects I am working on. The Projects may be DIY Pocket Scrapbooking Cards or a creative attempt at Home Decor. Sundays will be SimplySpokn Sundays, where I will share glimpses of where God & I are in this journey called my life. 
  • Launching an Instagram Account for This Blog Only. So far, I have been using instagram to share pictures both professionally & Personal. I have decided to split the two. I will have one Instagram account for myself (which I will be carefully weeding down over the next week). I have created a separate account for this blog: @simplyspokn. Feel Free to follow, if you wish.

    Anchors Up. Here’s to new Beginnings