Journeys 2011: Review

The greatest parts of my life this far  have rarely involved things , but memories Made. I have done lots of things with my sons over the yrs, but I began in 2011 to be intentional in making memories with them. I stuck mostly to things  within 100 miles, though a few exceptions.  Here is a review of some of those:

Redbud Festival, Barbourville, KY: Free. We saw beautiful quilts, local crafts, saw a Lincoln impersonater. Plus the campus of UC is beautiful.  A definite repeat for this yr.

Mill Street Park, London, Ky. Free. This park has a large water feature & playground that has traditional. &  modern playground equipment.  Well kept up & a favorite of The Handsome Duo (my sons). 100% repeat for this year!

Red, White &  Boom, London, KY: Free. For a small town fireworks display, fairly good. I advise to pack a picnic, come early & enjoy.

Cumberland Falls State Park, Corbin, KY: Free. Trails, The Falls & a sandbar beach make this an easy day trip.

Thompson Park, Barbourville, KY: Free. Features a playground, a walking  exercise stations & track.

Stearns, KY: $50. We rode a train, toured the Blue Heron Mining Camp, toured the museum &ate lunch. The Park Ranger did a live turtle demonstration.

Pine Mtn- Honeymoon Falls & Chain Rock, Pineville, KY: Free. These trails were intense, but filled with beautiful little sights. Both were highlights of our journeys last yr.

Wings Over Big South Fork, Oneida, TN. Outside the 100 miles, but The Duo’s favorite trip last year. Lots of modern & older planes plus an antique car show. Advice: Though entrance is free, food is expensive
Pack food, blankets, lawn chairs &a camera. Will defiantly try going back again!

Kids Fest, Pineville, KY:
Free. With free inflatables, games &free soft drinks, for the price, it can’t be beat  for a quick trip.

Mason Farms Pumpkin Patch/ Iron Furnace/ Frostee Freeze: Varies. Mason Farms: We were able to pick a pumpkin & look at crafts. Bring your wallet. Iron Furnace : Free. Beautiful waterfalls, trails &history. Frostee Freeze: Good tasting good  value food at a vintage drive in. Try everything.

That’s a look at 2011. As adventures begin in 2012, look for posts that will include pictures, comments from myself & from the Duo as well.