30 Days of Thanks: Days 10 & 11

Day 10: My Brother-in-love

My sister and her husband have been married for 8 years now. Never once have I seen him be anything but gracious to my sister, or towards my family.

I’ve always referred to him as my “brother-in-love”. It may be law that makes him the husband of my one and only sister, but it is her love for him, his love for her & their love for Christ that keeps them that way.

My brother-in-love has taught me a few things, probably oft without his realization. The greatest lesson that he has taught me so far is to KEEP CALM, because panic only feeds panic.

Day 11: My Nephew “O”

He’s 3, and he’s simply amazing.

I knew that I would love being an aunt well before he entered the picture. His arrival just affirmed that. From that first moment I saw him in my sister’s arms, I was immediately in love head over heels with that little man.

Although he is only 3, he has taught me a very important lesson already: Don’t be afraid of change.


“Yogi Bear’s Honey Fried Chicken”

After over 20 years, this continues to remain my favorite chicken restaurant.

Located in Hartsville, SC (Not far from the Darlington International Speedway), my dad was told about this place shortly after becoming a minister to a local church there.

If you pull up to Yogi’s, don’t come expecting to find your local KFC. Housed in a worn building with time-fading the colors of the store-front signs, it certainly doesn’t look like a place that most people would stop.

Please DO!

Yogi Bear’s Chicken is battered with a honey concoction that “lip-licking” doesn’t cover. They also carry liver-and-gizzards, which are battered and seasoned just the way a southerner likes. Though their chicken steals the show, their side dishes are just as wonderful. Coleslaw & Potato Salad round out the meal, along with a little yeast roll served with none other than honey. you can also get extra honey to dip your chicken in, if you ask.

Atmosphere wise, the inside of the restaurant is a typical “family style” arrangement, with booths and the older style tables. (At least this remained the decor from my first visit to my most recent visit). It does smell like a chicken joint – like chicken being cooked.

Recently, Yogi’s was featured on a local News station in South Carolina.

Link: http://www2.scnow.com/news/2010/sep/22/news13-fried-chicken-favorites-yogi-bear-honey-fri-ar-862915/

If you are traveling to Myrtle Beach or Darlington, make the trip over to Hartsville. Pick yourself up a “Cindy Bear Basket”.
Most Recent Visit: June 2000
Well Worth the Visit