Are you Kitting?

Sorry for the hiatus, all. I won’t make excuses. I simply failed to plan ahead. Enough of that. On to the post. 



I love scrapping, but my options for supplies are highly limited. I live in a rural area, two hours from the larger box-store craft locations. In the last year, our area has gotten a smaller-scale scrapbook store. The selection is limited, and is still half an hour away from me.

So, I chose to Kit.

There are hundreds of Scrapbook Kit clubs out there to select from. As of this post, I have researched 50 various kits to decide what I would cough up my money for. Three of those 50, I gave a test drive to.

Kit #1: Citrus Twist

Citrus Twist is a Scrapbook Kit club that has options for both the traditional Scrapbooker and for the Pocket Scrapbooker. Kits range from $18-$30 with subscription.

Jan Cit Kit at Left, items from my January Citrus Twist Kit.

My Kit arrived during the estimated arrival time in a sturdy cardboard box.

I was pleased to find a lovely paper bag wrapped kit inside. It was tied with yellow twine.

Inside the Kit, I found an entire pad of 6×6 Paper, three sheets of stickers, embellishments, cardstock, a stamp set and a sheet of Pocket-scrapbooking sketches.

What I LOVED: the packaging reminded me of Christmas. The gold doilies were high-quality and I squeaked with joy at getting my first wood veneers. The stamps immediately stole my heart. The set was sized perfectly to fit on small project life cards & contained the days of the week in an easy-to-read font.

What I didn’t: the only thing I didn’t like were the Citrus Twist printed journaling cards. Some were wonky in how they were printed, while others looked no different that something I could have printed out of my printer.

Overall, I was pleased. So I tried a second month to see if my results would be similar.

at right, my Feb. Citrus Twist Kit

my Feb. Citrus Twist Kit

What I loved (month #2): wood veneers, stamps, the October afternoon cut-apart journaling cards, and the pack of 6×6 paper.

What I didn’t: again, more wonky printed cards. One of the cards even had the image 40% cut off.

Although I really loved this kit, I wanted to see what else was out there.

For more information on Citrus Twist Kits, please visit their website:

Kit #2: Paper Camellia 

Paper Camellia features kits for both traditional scrapbookers as well as Pocket scrapbookers. Prices range from $20-30.

My Kit arrived very promptly in a white cardboard box. Inside the kit, I found a half-pad of 6×6 one sided paper, veneers, stickers, a package of name-brand journaling cards, adhesive cork embellishments and a roll of black chalkboard(?) sticker/label tape

at left, my April Paper Camellia kit.

my April Paper Camellia kit.                   

What I LOVED: the cork embellishments were high quality; the shaped paperclip embellishments were majorly cute; The veneers were detailed and the best quality I have seen as of yet

What I didn’t: the cost vs. what I got. The kit shown cost me $26, including the shipping. I didn’t feel as if I had gotten a good value for what I paid.

For more information about Paper Camellia, please visit their website:




Kit #3: Gossamer Blue 

Gossamer Blue is like CT and PC, in that they offer kits for both traditional scrapbookers and Pocket scrapbookers. Kits range from $18-28.

My Kit arrived promptly, encased in a  white cardboard box. I would open the lid to find the kit items carefully wrapped in tissue paper. 

Inside the kit, I found GB printed journaling cards, two arrow paper clips, alpha stickers, labels, border embellishments and stamps.

my July Gossamer Blue Kit

my July Gossamer Blue Kit

 What I LOVED: high-quality embellishments, great GB printed journaling cards; The stamp set was high quality, great selection of images that could be highly diverse; Extra-plus, the customer service was incredible.

What I didn’t: the only downside of this kit for me was the absence of 6×6 paper pads. I will be buying items from GB in the future, but the kit doesn’t fit my need for supplies. 

For More information regarding kits from Gossamer BLue, please visit their website:



I am still searching. I loved the embellishments & paper from CT, but did not care at all for the wonky printed cards. PC was lovely, but the amount of items in the kit did not seem to be worth the price. GB had gourgous stamps, embellishments and the Customer Service rocked above & beyond, but I need some paper to scrap with due to being in a very RURAL area. So my search for my perfect kit continues. 

*Note: At No time previous to this post or at the time this post was made have I or any member of my immediate family received any compensation from Citrus Twist, Paper Camellia or Gossamer Blue. These Kits were purchased with my Own money, and therefore the opinions given are my own. I do not claim the products shown as my own; they are the intellectual property of the companies for which I have attributed them to.  


Page Design: The Simple Stories Options


As I have entered into my 6th month of Daily Documenting/Pocket Style scrapbooking, I wanted to address pages.
A majority if pockets scrappers use Project Life. Their albums are 12×12, though some other sizes are beginning to emerge.
I use Simple Stories SNAP albums. NY pages are 6×8.
Predominantly, I use a combination of three styles: (1) 4 3×4 pockets to a side, (2) 2 3×4 pockets and 1 4×6 pocket to a side and (3) insta size pockets if 2 4×4 pockets and one 2×8 pocket to a side.
So why do I own other sizes? For me, it’s to keep me creative. I use the larger 6×8 pocket page for special mementos that I don’t want to cut up. I landed the new insta pocket pages in sale recently. The variety if page layouts gives me the freedom to let my week’s content dictate my page design. In fact, my first use of the new insta pocket pages will be perfect for a layout I am working on for May.

For clarification: At this time & at no time in the past have I received any compensation from Simple Stories or Project Life for mentioning them on my blog.