September Reflections


  • Old Fashion Days, Williamsburg
  • Visited Cherokee Dam
  • Celebrated my 3 yr work anniversary
  • Sorghum Festival, West Liberty
  • Visited the Harrisburg covered bridge

What I’ve learned from God/about God:

  • Focus on who God has placed in your field
  • Forgiveness requires the want to heal; healing comes through and by Christ
  • Obeying isn’t equal to submission

What I have learned about me:

  • That I cannot continue to hide my talents God has given me. Though they are not much, I must faithfully use them in service to Christ
  • I cannot be afraid to stand up for what I believe in. I had sonething at work this month that I needed to take a stand against, and it was scary. But I did it. 
  • I am getting stronger, day by day, by the Grace of GOD

What I’m praying over/working on:

  • Getting to know those in my small group Ladies class
  • *for a vehicle*
  • Boldness to sing in church again soon
  • Publishing already written posts about hard things
  • For a greater healing in my heart from Christ

August Reflections

I’ve decided to start sharing openly with you on the last day of each month the things I’ve learned and the things I’m struggling with. 

Events in August:

  • Had my used car I bought 2 months previously die
  • Celebrated my boyfriend’s 41st birthday
  • Spent a day at Cumberland Falls
  • Attended Joy in the Journey
  • Experienced the solar eclipse 
  • Joined a new ladies Bible study class

What I’ve learned this month from God/about God:

  • God sometimes has to take things to make us see what we have
  • God did not call me to be like anyone else on earth..but HE called me to me CHRIST like
  • God has given me gifts & talents, some of which I have been too fearful to share 

    What I have learned about me:

    • I am getting stronger every day, by the grace of GOD
    • Some recent lab tests woke me up to a few things
    • I sell myself short, a lot

    What I am praying over/working on:

    • That I fully surrender my hurts, my hang ups, and my pain to Jesus
    • That I get brave enough to sing in church again
    • **For a dependable car**
    • That I continue to carve down the emotional and material baggage in my life