NWC: Days 24-27

Apparently, sharing the prompts from the social media page for my local writers group has been a total Fail. There have been no new prompts for days 24-27. With essentially only 2 days remaining..im frustrated that it hasn’t panned out

My idea instead is that with each month, I will begin to share a new theme..with 4 theme related prompts under it to provide writers A weekly challenge to create a new piece. This solves two problems: 1) I don’t have to rely on the prompts from a group. These will be ideas based on things in my world, suggestions from other local writers, and random ideas I may stumble upon online. (2) It gives me a tad more flexibility. I work a job that  3 times a yr is incredibly demanding. I rarely get to sit and be creative in my writing daily. To be honestly brash, sometimes I’m too mentally exhausted to cook more than a heated up can of soup. A monthly theme with 4 challenges under it keeps me writing and creating new..but also gives me grace for these all too busy days. 

If (if) the group shares any prompts for Nov 29 & 30th, I will publish them here. 

Either way, return back Dec 1 for the December writing theme and 4 prompts. 

Thank you as always for your support. 


NWC: Days 21-23

The Facebook group from which I have been sharing these challenges for days 21 or 22.

Day 23: Write about coming together & healing

Our world is so filled with hurt, and with each day more news stories come forward that display increasing hurt.

As a Christian, I am most full aware that sin will continue to riddle the world and more hurt.

What will you write with this challenge? Will you write about a global hurt, a family betrayal, the healing after a break up or even how your immune system joins together to fight off the flu?

If you write from any of the challenges I share, or write from any writing challenge this month please comment with a link or share your piece.

NWC: Days 18-20

And just when I thought that my technical woes would vanish, they didn’t. I will try to keep this current as best I can. Sorry, crew. Can I just say- I cannot stand dealing with CERTAIN internet providers… grr

Day 18: A Sport is the setting for your piece. The victory reveals something about the character.

I’ve never written much about sports, only photographed them. Since my youngest son has  played both soccer and basketball for a number of years, I would probably write about one of those two sports.. if I write about this one.

Day 19: Your audience have on googles and headphones. They can hear and see each other in the same environment.

Odd idea- that my audience for my piece would held to hear and see under the same circumstances. My hearing is poor, so I would probably add that as an element to the piece.

Day 20: Make a Fable yours. Set it in a different place and time.

Allow me to set this up a bit. A Fable, according to dictionary.com, is “a short tale to teach a moral lesson, often with animals or inanimate objects as charac-ters”. 

I studied literature in College, so my mind ran a muck with ideas as to which fable to retell. Being a southern belle, I am taking one of the many tale about Brier Rabbit (written by Joel Chandler Harris) and am turning in into a Scottish war tale.


NWC: Day 15(Not actually) & Day 16

So allow me to clarify: I have been sharing these November Writing Challenges (NWC) that are being shared with a group of local writers that allow me to be a part of their roundtable. Daily, I go to their group page, log in, do my challenge, and then share with you what the challenges have been. 

Day 15: No Challenge was ever Posted

Day 16: Write a piece in which the ONLY audience is a person in leadership (be in the president, governor, mayor, or your boss)

I’m not so entirely sure that I should publicly EVER share the piece I wrote for this challenge.

I wrote my piece directly to the leadership of the company which I work for. I LOVE what I do, please understand that. But I do see so much- favoritism- given in my line of work. My piece sarcastically approaches this favoritism, with no apologies.

I LOVE to Write Day: Why I love (& don’t Love) to Write

According to a source on the great world-wide-web, today (November 15th) is I love to write day.

Why I love to Write

Writing is as much a part of me as my freckles in summer, or my quirky dimpled grin.

I began to write poetry when I was 9, which was when I first began to understand that I have depression. Yes, at age 9 I understood that.

I moved into writing short stories and personal narratives at age 11. When I entered High School, I immediately joined the creative writers club and the school newspaper. I went to college study literature, with an emphasis in writing.

Why I love to write is not a hard question. I write because so oft, my verbal words will fail me. I write because I fear voicing my boldness, and showing my mischievously random creativity. I love to write because it gives me the ability to voice all of the dingy, weird, random things that bounce around in this head. I love to write because it gives me an avenue to share what I have survived.

Why I don’t Always LOVE to write

And yes, as much as I LOVE to write, I don’t love it as well. I don’t always feel like that my words or thoughts have the validity to be written down (even in type). I don’t love to write because it means a sense of vulnerability and opportunity for someone to possibly hurt me. I don’t love to write because I don’t always feel that my words are adequate or good enough. I play the comparison game too aggressively when it comes to my writing.

And the simplyspokn thing..

I had thought my time of blogging was another chapter of my history. Something that was my past, and not a part of my present.

Then Steve (of courageouschristianfather.com) happened.

Steve and I met in June of this year, and have been dating since July. He held (and holds) no quams with telling me that I need to write more here, to share more here, to let others see so much of the writing that I haven’t even begun to share here.

And I thank GOD that it happened. I am thankful that he got me blogging again, even if it is just to share quirky things in my life. Writing is a part of me, and it is something he recognized from the get go.

So Thank You, Steve, for saving simplyspokn from obscurity/total deletion.




NWC: Days 10-13

For whatever the reason, the group from which I have gotten the prompts from did not publish from October 10th through 13th. Today, they posted days 12 and 13, of which I am sharing. 

Day 12: A play with an EMPTY stage (all sounds, people, objects are completely off the stage)

I am intrigued by the idea of the voidness on stage, and would like to get to dabble around with this some.

Day 13: Write how a mechanical failure dramatically effects one person because of their misbehavior

Can I say- I love this prompt? I work in a job that requires quite a lot of computer components, and have experienced my job become a frustrating jungle when the systems malfunction.

How would it be if the electronics in our life “punished” us if we did not behave well? How would it be if the they could do more than just merely inconvenience us- and actually punish us??



NWC: Days 5 through 9

As you may have read, I have been fighting some technical difficulties. I am hoping to have them all resolved soon. 

Day 5: Write an office power horror thriller wherein someone in power wins.

This isn’t too hard for my imagination to take and run wild with. My piece is based on the fact that I do work in a call center .

Day 6: A literal match lights a fuse that ignites a bomb 

Oh, me. Two days in a row that my vivid imagination gets to frolic amuck. 

I am writing this piece on self destruction. 

Day 7: Write a piece that all takes place “IN” technology

I am a nerd at heart, and my years of volunteering in a networking office feed the many possibilities for this one.

My piece however is of someone I know becoming trapped inside of MY cellphone. 

Day 8: simultaneous action

I love to multitask. It is actually in that balance that I best thrive. 

But to write a piece about simultaneous actions is something I’ve never truly done. I’d like to play around with this idea for a few days.

Day 9: Write a totally ethical piece. No actions can be unethical.

Wow. I love today’s challenge. Ethics is such a hot topic among my peers at work, for what others may see as ethical may be entirely against the cultural ethics of another. 

Looking forward to seeing where this challenge lands me. 

If you follow through with these writing challenges, or perhaps another, I would love to read your work. Post me a comment with the link below.

NWC: Day Four

I haven’t gotten to tinker around with as many of these writing ideas as I would like. I admit that I have just had to take some down time, as work this time of year tends to be tremendously overwhelming.

Day Four: Can You Take a Joke

Set up a joke, then take it seriously only to put in out with a bit of wit.

I tend to have a sarcastic sense of humor sometimes, so I have a feeling that this one could go all kinds of wrong. . . .

If you follow through with this writing challenge, or perhaps another, I would love to read your work. Post me a comment with the link below.