Bit of Poetry: psalms 6:7a

I’ve been a bit under the weather this week. Nothing like the change of seasons here in the Appalachian mountains to make a gal get sick.

Thought I’d share a poem I wrote in college. Hope you enjoy. (Please show respect. This piece is my work. Do not share it as your own)

psalms 67a



Why Blog?

It isn’t what most people would choose for themselves. Most little girls would rather have been born with a passion for dancing, or even horseback riding. I.. was born it seems with a love for writing.

I was 9 years old when I had my first poem published in a school newspaper. In those days, my writing was about the simplicity of life and about my dreams.

By the age of 11, I began to journal nearly daily. How I wish I had some of those journals from back then. Still yet today, I journal- but not on a daily basis.

2002: My Blog Dawning

2002 was one of the most difficult years of my life. In depression, I did the only thing I knew that could potentially help- I wrote.

I started blogging anonymously at non- WordPress site. Mostly, my posts were about the pain I was trying to process and a bit of my creative writing from time to time. I wrote nearly daily in a letter style to myself. Before I closed the blog down, I printed many of my entries and put them into a notebook.

2008: Blogging, round two

In 2008, I began my first WordPress Blog. It was a way for me to try to digest in writing some of the questions about faith that I was experiencing.

2011: And Now

In 2011, I launched simplyspokn. At the time, I had just left the world of journalism and missed writing about life here in rural Appalachia and also about my own journey and struggle with Faith.

It has been push and pull up until recently. I wanted to write consistently when I first launched over 6 years ago, but lacked the dedication and planning that daily posting requires. I also have taken breaks to try to focus on mere survival, as the last six years have been anything but quiet.

So, there goes. That is why I started blogging.

How about you? Why did you start blogging?

The Story Behind a Name- SimplySpokn?

I have a thing about names.

There is a fairly unique story about how I came about the biological name that I have. My oldest son is named for a 1990s Nickelodeon cartoon character and my youngest son is named after an Uncle that neither he or his dad ever knew.

I even took thought in naming my new kitten, Joel the Brave, that came into my life last month. The name Joel means “the one to whom JEHOVAH IS GOD”.

But, SimplySpokn?

Seeing as I have committed to GOD to getting my blogging back full time, I felt it was time to talk about why I gave the blog THAT particular name.

Partly, it starts with a unique part of who I am. I am an “old soul”, meaning that I tend to like things that most people my age would think was old-fashion or outdated. One of the things I love is the art of letter writing. At about 12, I started signing my name “Simply, Heather”

(I will gladly send you a letter, if you would like to email me your mailing address. Send email to fstopchick (AT) gmail (DOT) com) 

The other part of that is that I am a simple person. I don’t care much for having lavish things for myself (though I do love old fashion soaps wrapped in paper). Even if I had millions to spare, I would much rather live a simple, relaxed life and bless others with what extra I have.

SimplySpokn became a Motto

I wanted what I write here, what I share here to be simply from my heart. I am no eloquent writer, nor will I pretend to be. I am no theological student, but I will share with you the Truths that CHRIST has revealed to me through HIS Word.  I am no expert, but I can share with you what I know.

If you blog, I’d love to hear how you came up with your blog name or of how the title represents who you are.

Me? I am a simple lady. What I share here is simplyspokn here, filtered through GOD’s grace.


The back of the drawer

This was originally written January 2009. 

I cleaned out my desk today. I threw away many ink pens that no longer worked and straightened my paper clips and other office supplies. I opened the top left drawer of my desk. There behind a large bag was a stack of journals.

Unused. Forgotten.

Not two or three, mind you, but a small stack of six.

I hadn’t really forgotten that the journals were there. From time to time, I would pull one of them out, with full intent to begin journaling and writing again. I would place it back into the drawer, with a sigh, and nothing would ever come of it. To me, the journals had become symbols of the writer’s life that I will never have.

You see, onced upon a many year ago, I dreamed and aspired to be a writer. I wrote poetry and short stories daily, filling composition books and 3-ring binders full of writings. I even had a few published in a local paper. Like all fairy-tales though, the pangs of life snatched away my dreams. I stopped writing in 2002, shortly after my parents filed for separation. In the 6 years since, I have not wielded my pen in poetry but a few rare times.

I look at the unused journals in the back of the drawer, and something comes to mind: I stopped writing because I felt I couldn’t be a writer anymore. Simply said, I just quit.

I think about the Words of our LORD in Matthew chapter 4:

and HE said unto them, “Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set upon a candlestick?…………Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given.” (Matthew 4: 21, 24)

Have I been sticking my candle under the bed? Have I taken what GOD has given me and been a terrible caretaker of it? It is hard to be a Christian writer when you quit writing altogether.

How about you? Is there something in your life that you have shuffled into the back of the drawer? Has GOD given you a gift that you haven’t touched because of grief, anger, or plain old laziness? Is there something in your life that you have put off doing, but a still small voice inside of you insists on reminding you about it?

As for me, I took one of the journals and placed it in my favorite chair this afternoon. Can’t be a writer for GOD if I don’t get restarted.