Failure isn’t an End Game

Slamming my messenger bag across the room was probably not the most descreet thing I could have done.

“What’s going on,” my Dad asked as he entered the room.

“It’s over. I failed my algebra test. It’s just over,” I replied.

“So, you failed it. And?” My dad replied, rescuing my messenger bag from the corner of the room. My facial expressiin must have echoed my internal confusion as my Dad continued on, “Failure isn’t final, baby girl, unless you decide that it is”.

I knew then (& now), my Dad was right. Failure will and does happen.

We are, simply stated, flawed folks. We will and do fail.

However much we fail..however career ending, life-changing or day altering it may be, it does NOT have to end there. Failure does not have to be final.

I promise you this. I have worked over 10 jobs in my life, endured divorce twice, lost a child, and buried a beloved friend.. I am certainly top of class for failures. It wasn’t (and isn’t) final for me. It isn’t final for you, unless that is your choice.

Fear first?


If you asked me what one word I would use to describe myself a year ago, I would confess it was Fear.

Fear comes so many ways. We fear the monster under our beds, our parents anger, we fear not being liked at school, or not succeeding. We fear losing our jobs, our homes or family. We fear war or we fear ourselves.

We learn fear so young.

And I think it’s a necessity. How are we to understand/appreciate peace if we have never known fear?

I’d like to think fear-filled me of last year was a requirement for knowing a peace-appreciating me this year. May it be so, Lord Jesus.