Furbaby Friday: The story of Buffy

A few years back, I still was working in the Newspaper industry as a reporter. For a brief time, I got to live my dream of being a reporter for my hometown paper. I truly loved it.

One of the largest joys of working for my hometown paper was getting to work for Ed. Ed is more rare than a golden hens teeth. He is a lovable Christian man who is a master story teller and has a way of just making everyone around him smile. He is truly one of the most amazing men that I have been blessed to work with.

Just shortly after my dog Bishop passed on, Ed and I were engaged in one of our long conversations. Sometimes on press night, there would be segments of long waiting – waiting for a source to confirm, waiting for results of an election or waiting for many a reason. Ed asked me did I know someone who could give a home to a dog. Mind you, I had just gone through my divorce. I listened as Ed told me about Buffy.

Ed and his wife had found Buffy, wounded, near their home. Someone had somehow broken her rear leg, and she had lost a litter of puppies. Ed and his wife nursed dear Buffy back to health, but were surprised to find that Buffy’s troubles were not yet over.

Ed and his wife had (and still have) a beloved dog that has comforted them through a lot. That dog did not care for Buffy, and it was causing turmoil in their home.

I drove home from work that night, thinking about Buffy and only one thought came to mind- I want Buffy for my boys.

Buffy and “B”

I wasn’t able to take Buffy into my tiny subsity apartment. But I knew Buffy would do well, as an outdoor dog, for my sons at their Dad’s house. At that time, they were without a canine companion and my youngest son “B” had been asking for another dog.

I called the boys’ dad and talked to him about Buffy. I agreed to have Buffy checked by a Vet and vaccinated. A few days later, Buffy was taken on her triumphant journey to live with my sons.

And it was automatic love.

03282011 (59)

(“B” and Buffy, March 2011)

“B” took to Buffy as if they had always been a part of one another’s lives. And Buffy took to him, protecting him but also playing with him.

Goodbye, sweet girl

October 2016, just one week before my sons would experience the passing of their Paternal grandfather, sweet Buffy died. She lived a long 8 years, far longer than she was expected to have lived.

Buffy’s story is much like mine. I was bruised and broken by the roadside in 2011. and CHRIST JESUS scooped me up, mended me, and cared for me. HE has given me a new story twice already since then. When my days are over, I hope someone will be able to say of me what “B” said of Buffy when she died:

“Momma, Buffy loved me most well.”