30 Days of Thanks: Day 3

Day Three: My Youngest Son

May I confess? I do have reason in why I list my sons as my #2 & #3. November 3rd (Today) happens to be my youngest son’s birthday. This year he turns the big 1-4.

My youngest son is entirely saucy in personality, and is always concerned about his family & friends. That tenderness continues to shine, as he transitions from childhood into adulthood.

I love many things about my youngest son, but one of his most precious attributes is that he has a boldness about his faith in Christ. I have watched over the last four years as he has served as youth ambassador through a Christian-based program at his school, often times leading prayer in front of his peers. Recently, he bought a small pocket-sized Bible for 5 of his closest friends and gifted them all a Life Book (Link: Life Book).

How is it a young child, who I know most well gets a lot of peer pressure, can be bold in sharing his faith- but so many of us lack the faith to even ask a friend to a church event or service?

I look forward to seeing what GOD will do with both of my amazing boys in the future.

And.. Happy Birthday Hotshot.