Furbaby Friday: Sampson


Sampson is a very interesting dog. My dad adopted Sampson from a shelter, and right away noticed that Sampson was eager to be taught. So, being a minister, my dad first taught Sampson to bless his food. When my dad feeds Sampson, Dad will say “Sampson, bless”. Sampson will fold one paw over the other and bow his head as if in prayer.

Now, yes, we all know that Sampson is not likely thanking the Lord for his food.

Do your furbabies know any unusual tricks?



Furbaby Friday: 13th Edition

Friday the 13th

Why does this day terrify people so? In fact, why do we still believe in superstitions.. even in a world filled with Siri and Google?

Joel The Brave is a black cat. Yes, I know what people say about that.

But this little black cat…has been a tremendous blessing to me. I often kid that I should certify him as a therapy animal…but I’m only partly kidding when I say it. Joel the Brave us a therapy animal to me, often trying to calm me when I have major anxiety episodes or even loving on me after a night terror.

Big love to all the black cat furbabies out there today. May we love them all. 

Furbaby Friday: update on wee Joel

I’ve shared much recently on other Furbabies in my life that I haven’t shared much about my furry best friend.

Joel The Brave is now.. approximately 14 weeks old. He is eating well, growing, and still the most affectionate male cat I’ve ever known.

He still doesn’t know that cats are *suppose* to be nocturnal.  He goes to bed beside me, or often playing with my hair.

He has mastered entirely having me wrapped around his paw. And I am teaching him to “beg” for extra crunchy treats. Yes, I know he isn’t a dog. But cats can be taught tricks, with patience. 

Furbaby Friday: The Other Black Cats

It’s hard to believe it has been over 2 months since little Joel The Brave came into my life. He is such a tremendous blessing.

But, did you know he is not the 1st black cat I have loved? That honor belongs to two others. A Cat couple, in fact: Miss Salem and Emperor Boots.

Miss Salem


Miss Salem (and Emperor Boots) both belonged to a friend of mine. Salem was a spoiled, American shorthair, indoor princess. She had her own room of the house, would get an occasional treat of vanilla bean ice cream, and didn’t necessarily like everyone.


Salem may have been highly spoiled, but she was also smart beyond words. She loved to play hide & seek and would quite often stump me.

Emperor Boots

I can’t even say or think of his name without a smile creeping across my lips. I must truly say that I loved Emperor Boots.

Emperor Boots was a tuxedo cat, meaning that he was not solid black like Salem (though neither is Joel The Brave, who has one odd patch of white fur.)

September 24 2011 (78)

Boots lived primarily outside, though he had an outbuilding that he would get put into at nights and winters. His building, by the way, was equipped with heat and air conditioning. He had it made.

Boots did not seem to understand that he was a cat. He patrolled the gardens and homes in the area, and often meowed in a barking manner. He even killed a snake once to defend me. He wasn’t much for being petted, but loved to have his ears scratched by those he trusted. I considered it a high honor that I was one of those that got to scratch his fuzzy head and even hear him purr.

Over the years, Boots kind of became a friend to me and when I heard that he past away I felt like I had lost a family member. He truly was royalty among cats.


Furbaby Friday: Silly Pet



Okay, Laugh. But for the good part of about three years now, I have dreamed of the small tiny possibility of one day owning a mini pig.

Yes, that’s right. A MINI PIG.

I don’t know where my fascination with these little guys stems from. I just think they are uniquely cute. But OH HOW PRICEY they are. They can range from around $300-$700. WAY TOO pricey for me.

How about you? Have you ever dreamed of having an unusual pet?

Furbaby Friday: The story of Buffy

A few years back, I still was working in the Newspaper industry as a reporter. For a brief time, I got to live my dream of being a reporter for my hometown paper. I truly loved it.

One of the largest joys of working for my hometown paper was getting to work for Ed. Ed is more rare than a golden hens teeth. He is a lovable Christian man who is a master story teller and has a way of just making everyone around him smile. He is truly one of the most amazing men that I have been blessed to work with.

Just shortly after my dog Bishop passed on, Ed and I were engaged in one of our long conversations. Sometimes on press night, there would be segments of long waiting – waiting for a source to confirm, waiting for results of an election or waiting for many a reason. Ed asked me did I know someone who could give a home to a dog. Mind you, I had just gone through my divorce. I listened as Ed told me about Buffy.

Ed and his wife had found Buffy, wounded, near their home. Someone had somehow broken her rear leg, and she had lost a litter of puppies. Ed and his wife nursed dear Buffy back to health, but were surprised to find that Buffy’s troubles were not yet over.

Ed and his wife had (and still have) a beloved dog that has comforted them through a lot. That dog did not care for Buffy, and it was causing turmoil in their home.

I drove home from work that night, thinking about Buffy and only one thought came to mind- I want Buffy for my boys.

Buffy and “B”

I wasn’t able to take Buffy into my tiny subsity apartment. But I knew Buffy would do well, as an outdoor dog, for my sons at their Dad’s house. At that time, they were without a canine companion and my youngest son “B” had been asking for another dog.

I called the boys’ dad and talked to him about Buffy. I agreed to have Buffy checked by a Vet and vaccinated. A few days later, Buffy was taken on her triumphant journey to live with my sons.

And it was automatic love.

03282011 (59)

(“B” and Buffy, March 2011)

“B” took to Buffy as if they had always been a part of one another’s lives. And Buffy took to him, protecting him but also playing with him.

Goodbye, sweet girl

October 2016, just one week before my sons would experience the passing of their Paternal grandfather, sweet Buffy died. She lived a long 8 years, far longer than she was expected to have lived.

Buffy’s story is much like mine. I was bruised and broken by the roadside in 2011. and CHRIST JESUS scooped me up, mended me, and cared for me. HE has given me a new story twice already since then. When my days are over, I hope someone will be able to say of me what “B” said of Buffy when she died:

“Momma, Buffy loved me most well.”

Furbaby Friday: Pets

Growing Up

The first pet that I can truly remember having was a dog. He was a collie-German Shepherd mix that I loving called Rambo. He was a golden tan. I fed and watered him daily and played with him sometimes. But all too often as an awkward 13 year old girl, I would have my attention pulled towards exploring and reading.

Over the Years

In July 1998, I found Bishop. There was an ad in the local newspaper for free Collie-German Shepherd pups. Bishop took one look at me and I was his. He was smart beyond words. He learned to shake hands, beg, and roll over rather quickly. But more smart was the loving way that he was automatically protective over my sons when they were born.

goodbye bishop 12 18 12 Bishop 1998-Dec 12, 2012

In 2011, after a move and other life events, I thought I would give pet ownership a chance again. I lived in an upstairs city apartment, which would not accommodate a dog but would a cat. A lady that I knew was giving away a little grey kitten that she had found, so I took the kitten in. Her name: Beret.

11262011 (33) Beret

There were two problems: One, my oldest son seemed to be allergic to her. Secondly, she was feral. I ended up rehoming her and finding myself yet again petless.

And then, my life changing moment. The day Mr. Carson James adopted me. February 8, 2012

20140206_215708 Mr. Carson James

Mr. Carson is a full-blood Basset Hound. All ears, and all love. From Day one, he loved me well. He could fetch, but that was about the extent of the tricks that he could learn. But he was (and is) and exceptional listener. He would lay on my feet daily while I told him my woes and joys. Due to life changing yet again, I would leave him with a family friend where he still lives today.

And Along comes Joel The Brave

20170630_224401 Joel The Brave

June 23, 2017, I became the human for Joel the Brave. His markings indicate that he is an American shorthair or perhaps a tuxedo cat (with only one white spot). He has been one of the best things that I have had happen to me so far this year (notice I didn’t say the best, though. More on that another time.)

So, there goes. The pets of my life thus far. Tell me about your pets.