30 Days of Thanks: Day 21

Day 21: My “Bunker” Apartment

November 21. 2014. 3 Years ago today, exactly. That was the day that I moved into what I lovingly refer to as my downtown bunker.

I had just walked through my 2nd marriage. I had been at my current job for 2 months prior, which was 30 miles from where I lived with him. Moving closer only made sense.

I had so little in the apartment that first night. An Air mattress, a dresser and a few blankets. It would take me a few weeks to be able to finish moving everything, and still I found myself with so little.

Today, my apartment is .. well.. lived in. I don’t particularly have a lot of things (but I have indeed become greatly LESS materialistic after my last divorce.

My bunker… is not the fanciest of things. It is cold real tile floor mostly through out, and not all of my neighbors are particularly very.. neighborly.

But it’s mine. It keeps me dry, it keeps me warm (well, somewhat.. I do have to improvise a bit) and it is shelter.

One thing true in life: you don’t know what you truly have until everything is taken away. I have never listed my bunker on my gratitude list the last two years. I had to go through nearly losing my apartment in March of this year to become very thankful for the little 2 bedroom, 1 bath place I have in downtown. For Now, it is home.