30 Days of Thanks: Day 17

Day 17: My hometown

I grew up moving quite a lot. By the age of 11, I had lived in four states and 6 cities.

Many of those places I love, but none of them am I more thankful for than my hometown.

My Hometown has a current population of 3, 170 (as of 2016, according to Google). Very small compared to most.

It doesn’t have a mall. Or a movie theatre. And the Walmart closes at midnight.

But it is home.

I grew up just outside of the city limits in a small community, population ?? I grew up on a gravel road, too narrow for school buses to come up. I went to the county high school, where I graduated in a class of 104.

My hometown isn’t perfect. Like many rural towns here in Appalachia, the city has been riddled with issues of drugs particularly over the last few years.