NWC: Days 18-20

And just when I thought that my technical woes would vanish, they didn’t. I will try to keep this current as best I can. Sorry, crew. Can I just say- I cannot stand dealing with CERTAIN internet providers… grr

Day 18: A Sport is the setting for your piece. The victory reveals something about the character.

I’ve never written much about sports, only photographed them. Since my youngest son has  played both soccer and basketball for a number of years, I would probably write about one of those two sports.. if I write about this one.

Day 19: Your audience have on googles and headphones. They can hear and see each other in the same environment.

Odd idea- that my audience for my piece would held to hear and see under the same circumstances. My hearing is poor, so I would probably add that as an element to the piece.

Day 20: Make a Fable yours. Set it in a different place and time.

Allow me to set this up a bit. A Fable, according to dictionary.com, is “a short tale to teach a moral lesson, often with animals or inanimate objects as charac-ters”. 

I studied literature in College, so my mind ran a muck with ideas as to which fable to retell. Being a southern belle, I am taking one of the many tale about Brier Rabbit (written by Joel Chandler Harris) and am turning in into a Scottish war tale.