Samson (2018): Review


The 2018 Samson movie, produced by Pure Flix Productions and Boomtown films, portrays the life of a young Israel man with incredible strength that comes from GOD. He unwillingly surrenders to fighting against the Philistines. A relationship with the tempting Delilah, a Philistine, leads to Samson losing the strength and being placed into captivity. Samson prays for GOD’s strength one final time, as Samson uses the strength to destroy the temple of the Philistine’s. The movie ends hinting to a future Israel leader, David.

Where the film succeeds

The 2018 Samson movie is filled with action throughout, portraying several of Samson’s fights. This action keeps the action and storyline flowing throughout the film. I enjoyed how effortlessly the film showed Samson defeating the army with only the jawbone of a donkey.

Secondly, the film does a good job showing the wicked oppression that the Israel nation suffered from the Philistines during this time period.

Thirdly, the film successfully points out several times that Samson was chosen by GOD for the role.

Considering that only 36 verses in the Bible (KJV) mention Samson, the film does a great job taking this Biblical story to a nearly 2 hour experience on the screen.

Where it didn’t

  • Samson’s parents (Manoah and wife) and their faith. Judges chapter 13 tells of how when an angel visited Manoah’s wife, then Manoah, to tell them of the coming child, their concern was in doing what GOD would have for them. They wanted to honor GOD for the gift of this child.
  • Samson’s commitment to his calling. Judges 13:24 -25 states that The LORD blessed Samson as he grew and that the Spirit of The LORD began to move upon Samson. Often throughout the new movie, Samson seems to thumb his nose at his calling from GOD and blatantly breaks all of the vows associated with the Nazarite vow.
  • Samson’s own Faith. The movie reflects Samson calling on GOD during the few fights, but does not delve into the fact that Samson’s devotion and faith in GOD was the true strength Samson had- the cutting of his hair was simply a physical way of showing that Samson was willingly disobeying what GOD asked of him


Over all, I give Samson a 3.5 out 5 stars based on the lack of showing the faith component and on how the film seemed to portray Samson as a lustfilled bully than a warrior of the Faith. There is quite a bit of violence shown, which leads me to state that children under the age of 12 should be with an adult when going to see the film.

It is good to see more faith-based films filling the theaters. As Christ-followers, we need to be supporting family friendly films and certainly supporting Christian-based films. We should also use these as spring boards for discussions with our friends and family.

{I did not receive any type of compensation for my review, and the opinions expressed are mine alone}