Ponderins: Unpublished March 2011

(For a little while, I worked as a journalist with my hometown newspaper. Weekly, I wrote a column entitled ‘Ponderins’, which challenged people to think about certain things. The following piece was submitted to the editor at the end of my stint as a journalist & was never published.)

Memaw isn’t a Knox County native, but she would surely tell you that this is home. Last week, my Memaw would suffer a fall that would send her to a local hospital.
Her many children and grandchildren and some great-grandchildren would gather at the hospital, torn by the waves of progress and set backs.
At one point, one of my Aunt’s aid, “times like this is when families ought to be closer”.
Reality is, that families are never really like what we think they ought to be. If we have a small family, we say they ought to be big. If they are too tightly knit, we say that they ought to have some distance.
We complain about what they are and wish for what they ought to be.
Family is so precious. You can make more friends, and you can find new love. Family once gone is simply gone.
It is never easy in families. They will fued, argue, and say hurtful things. Family relationships are like any other relationship – they involve flawed people.
Here are some things on family for ya’ll to ponder on this week:
(1) Don’t let illness or death be the only time you call them or to go see them. And don’t just wait for holidays either.
(2) Allow your family the kind of leaveway that you grant your friends. If nothing else, we should be just as willing if not more to forgive our family.
(3) Say ‘I love you’ every time you see them. You never know when it might be the last time.

There are things that I would like my family to be, but I am content that they are just my family: Johnsons, Mills, Lowes and Brocks.
I’m curious to know what your thoughts are on what families ought to be.